Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

The Goods carried by your Cargo might not be protected by your vehicle insurance. That’s why a Cargo insurance is essential. Cargo insurance covers damages which occur to the goods you transport through land, sea or air. It’s a specialized field in Insurance that compensates you for any adverse incidents, regardless of the magnitude, variety, worth or the route your cargo takes.

A disaster can occur due to collision, fire, by being hit while loading the cargo or due to an impact with anything stationary en route.

At S&S Insurance we provide you the best possible cover for your Cargo. Our suggestions and recommendations will be fair and in your best interest. We would also take care of your debris removal, reefer breakdowns, freight charges, trans-shipment, high limits et al. And see to it that your claims are handled swiftly and effectively.

Types of Cargos that we cover -:

  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Marine Cargo
  • Motor Truck Cargo (Owners)
  • Goods in Storage Pending Shipment
  • Carriers (Truckers) Legal Liability
  • Transportation Floater (Shippers)
  • Trip Transit (one-trip shipments)

Organizations are increasingly turning to trucking companies that insure goods in transit, making it an essential part of their risk management strategy.

By opting for our cost-efficient Motor Truck Cargo Insurance policy, you can rest assured that the costs of goods your carrier is shipping will be compensated.

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