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Whether you are a restaurant owner, caterer, a building contractor, landscaper, lawyer, accountant, or hairdresser, as a business owner you want to protect yourself and your business. From single owner-operated shops or businesses to major commercial organizations, S&S insurance coverages can be custom tailored to provide protection for your business.

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We provide all types of Commercial Insurance services including:

(S&S Insurance’s Commercial Strata Plan consists the following policies covering a wide range of risks)

Accidents or unfortunate events can happen anytime anywhere beyond your control, but do not let damages cost you the business that you have worked so hard for and built up. It is crucial that you protect your business and its assets from such losses. The liability insurance protects a wide range of stakeholders of your business such as employees, partners, directors, vendors and volunteers etc.

In that case, getting a business insurance that includes commercial general liability coverage (for claims against your business for bodily injury or property damage to third parties caused by direct or indirect actions of the insured) and commercial property coverage (for physical assets that you own or lease such as commercial property, equipment, contents, office ,stock) is the best decision you can ever take to protect your business.

As a contractor you are often asked to prove that you have sufficient liability insurance coverage and often it is a mandatory requirement before starting a project. Our team can expedite the process and provide you certificates of insurance efficiently to allow you to meet your project timelines.

As a small business owner who has worked hard to build the business, protecting your business from potential risks can bring peace of mind. Insurance needs of small businesses vary a lot therefore one size fits all insurance package is not advisable. Our small business package includes Business Property Insurance, Liability Insurance, Employment Practices Liability Coverage, Life Insurance and other Liability Insurances

S&S Insurance’s Commercial Strata Plan consists the following policies covering a wide range of risks such as building and common contents, electronic equipment, machinery breakdown, voluntary workers accident only, strata council member legal liability, fidelity guarantee and legal liability.

Are you a large developer or builder with projects of various types and size? Are you planning on building your own dream home? You need to make sure you are protected right from when excavation begins, to the completion of project.Our Course of Construction insurance policies can be customized to cover the structure, its components, equipments also also include liability insurance for the building operations.

As an owner of a wholesale business operation, it is important that you insure your inventory, equipment, transportation and liability.S&S Insurance professionals have the competence and knowledge to custom tailor the best possible wholesalers insurance coverage, to protect your business.

All Contractors are required to give a contractual guarantee for the completion of work they take up. It is termed as Contract Surety. S and S Insurance service is amongst the leading Contract Surety providers who can suggest facilities for contractors to offer Bid Bonds, Labour and Materials Bonds etc.

S&S Insurance protects your business and its contents from any litigious liabilities occurring from loss of property or physical injuries to 3rd parties. This security is offered under a Commercial General Liability Policy.

At S&S Insurance we provide you the best possible cover for your Cargo. Our suggestions and recommendations will be fair and in your best interest. We would also take care of your debris removal, reefer breakdowns, freight charges, trans-shipment, high limits et al. And see to it that your claims are handled swiftly and effectively.

S&S Insurance has been a leading provider of transportation insurance for over 30 years. Our transportation Insurance specialists will create customized plans for you, be it cargo and pollution, private auto, D&O, warehousing or bonding. We provide prorate insurance, truck insurance etc.

An insurance for your convenience store is a must. It provides you monetary protection against any losses, right from the food stacked inside your refrigerator to your gas pump. Our convenience stores Insurance experts would figure out the most appropriate plan for you to manage risks, curb the workers’ reimbursement claims, besides other things.

Your Janitorial business is running on high risks if you’re operating without a Janitorial Insurance. Our affordable Janitorial insurance policy is a one stop solution for all business owners operating in this industry. S&S Insurance offers immunity to you and your whole staff against mishaps that occur on your client’s property.

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