High Value Home Insurance

A majority of home owners only care about the restoration of their homes at the time of a claim, but what about the high-priced, valuable items present in your house?

A High Value Home Insurance is for properties having a replacement value of above 1 million dollars. We can insure high value homes under company names as well.

At S&S Insurance, we understand that nobody knows the value of our home better than you; apart from the monetary investment, the care, the sacrifices and the heart you’ve put into creating your property stands priceless.

As the owner of a luxury home, you need to make sure your valuable property and possessions are protected. You do not want to suffer losses due to sub-par insurance. At S&S Insurance, we take pride in providing unique high value home insurance protection for our clients when standard insurance is just not enough.

Our packages come laden with value added services that will protect your valuable possessions and collections. You’ll get an array of propositions to choose from, such as guaranteed replacement costs, cash-value alternatives, inflation protection, etc.

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Some of the features of a typical high-value home are (but is not limited to)-:

  • Replacement cost exceeds $400,000
  • Higher limits of jewelry, fine art, business tools, equipment, wine cellars or other collections valued at over $25,000
  • Custom built or architecturally unique
  • Or designated as a heritage home
  • Protection against inflation
  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost on building
  • Rebuilding
  • Debris Removal

High value properties have unique insurance needs that most generic homeowners policies are not able to offer.

Contact S&S Insurance today to get a customized high value home insurance policy with higher level of protection for your peace of mind.

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