Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage Insurance can give your home the protection it deserves. Because your home isn’t just an investment; it’s where you’d raise your family.

In case of an untoward incident like death or illness; apart from an irreparable loss, your family may be faced with great financial strain. Your income might plummet. And if you’re not able to meet your mortgage amount per month, your spouse or family may be forced to sell the house. It would eventually lead to legal proceedings to handover the default loan to the creditor.

S&S Insurance brings you a Mortgage Insurance cover so you’re not hard-pressed for finances. And your family continues to live with honor and dignity.

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We’ll take up the duty of paying to your creditor if any issues arise with you. We have currently two plans in place.
a) Mortgage Insurance in case of Demise: It will pay off the remaining amount upon your death, so your family can stay mortgage free.

b) Mortgage Insurance in case of Disability: It covers your payments and taxes, till the time you’re not able to get back to your regular job.

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