Property & Liability Insurance

Are you a restaurant owner, a building contractor, caterer, landscaper, lawyer, hairdresser, or accountant? Do you own a retail store, run an information technology company or work in the the automotive industry?

In that case, getting a business insurance that includes commercial general liability coverage (for claims against your business for bodily injury or property damage to third parties caused by direct or indirect actions of the insured) and commercial property coverage (for physical assets that you own or lease such as commercial property, equipment, contents, office ,stock) is the best decision you can ever take to protect your business.

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Accidents or unfortunate events can happen anytime anywhere beyond your control, but do not let damages cost you the business that you have worked so hard for and built up. It is crucial that you protect your business and its assets from such losses. The liability insurance protects a wide range of stakeholders of your business such as employees, partners, directors, vendors and volunteers etc.

From single owner-operated shops to major commercial organizations, S&S insurance coverages can be custom tailored to provide protection for your business.

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