Ship Repairers Liability

Whether you’re a ship repairer stationed at big shipyard or are a mobile marine mechanic, you will be legally liable for the vessel in your care. This will include third party property damages, personal injury or death.

S& S Insurance will provide and manage all your ship repairers Insurance requirements.

We’ll provide you an insurance cover against liabilities for third party costs up to a mutually agreed, pre-decided limit. The cause of the damages can be due to negligence caused by you or people working with you such as agents, workers or subcontractors.

The Ship Repairer Insurance offered by us will also include the legal defense expenses. Few essentials that the package covers (but is not limited to)-:

  • Damages to the vessel in custody or care of the repairer.
  • Third party personal injury or loss of life.
  • Clearing up the wreck.
  • Damages caused up to a year after completion of work.
  • Coverage of Travelling Workmen, irrespective of where the work is taking place.
  • Costs of repairs borne by the vessel owner.
  • Loss of revenue because of detention of vessels.
  • Costs incurred due to delays on the port.
  • Pollution caused by the vessel accidentally.

A Ship Repairer Liability Policy is a must for ship repairers. S&S insurance offer you affordable insurance cover for Ship repairers working on small or large ship yards, boat yards to take care of their legal liability.

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