Farm Insurance

(We also do farm with house insurance.)

Is your farm insured against financial losses? Farming brings along a variety of risks posed by extreme weather conditions, cyclones, drought, irregular markets, etc., which can impact farms of any type and size.

S&S Insurance understands the unique requirements of farm owners and farming operations. Whether you yourself work on your farm or have rented out your premise to raise crops or rear livestock, it’s essential to control, curb and avert risks.

We can offer you wide-ranging coverage options to protect farm buildings, livestock & feed, farming equipment, agricultural equipment, etc., to secure your farm.

Our Competitively priced Farm Insurance cover includes (but is not limited to)-:

  • Damage to Farm property, buildings & equipment
  • Disruption in Business
  • Wreckage/debris removal
  • Loss of livestock and feed
  • Damage to farming machinery and equipments
  • Damage to farm Produce
  • Loss of Income generated by the farm
  • Fire fighting expenses


Type of farms Insured-:

  • Dairy Farms
  • Hobby Farms
  • Poultry Farms
  • Hog Farms
  • Grain Farms
  • Berry Farms
  • Orchards
  • Ranches
  • Mixed Farms


Whether you’re starting up a new farm or are an old-hand, on the lookout for a comprehensive insurance coverage, we’re well versed with the requirements of your industry.

Our underwriters will draft a tailor made plan for your farm. If you have any specific requirements for your Farms, we’d love include them in the plan.

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